“The Art and Science of Co-Creative Leadership” Masterclass

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Great HR are the wisdom of any organization. Great HR make the organizational dreams come true – those of the employees, managers, executive, customers. Great HR see and continuously embrace opportunities for organizational growth, helping build strong company culture and increase employee engagement. Great HR dream big and achieve their aspirations.

The secret of great HR lays in the mastery of 3 things:
1) Change management.
2) Organization development.
3) Self-mastery.

I call the mastery of these 3 elements “The Art and Science of Co-Creative Leadership”. When you co-create, obstacles transform into opportunities, resistance transforms into support, hard changes miraculously become easy and desirable. And you know that you can successfully and much faster achieve your aspirations by being your strong and congruent self using the power of co-creation.

“The Art and Science of Co-Creative Leadership” masterclass gives you the opportunity to learn this secret of great HR and apply it in your professional life. It combines decades of research in cognitive science and “hands on” experience in corporate world into one comprehensive methodology. During the masterclass you will:

a) Understand the nature of the organizations and how organizations function. Learn the change theory, how to diagnose where your organization is in the change process (the “engagement” or the “obligation” path) and the tools to lead the organization to commitment.

b) Understand the nature of human dynamics and how these work in different context. Learn the tools you can use to navigate the organization and instill the culture of trust, creativity and innovation.

c) Understand how you can be your strong and congruent self to lead your organization to success.

This masterclass is delivered over 5 weekly live webinars followed by a Q&A session, to support you as you integrate the materials. In addition, we will have a 1-2-1 session before and after the masterclass. You will receive a copy of the training materials and tools which you can use and apply in your professional environment.

This masterclass is limited to a small group of like-minded and committed participants, to ensure efficiency, productivity and fast integration to your highest benefit.

Contact me at [email protected] to learn more and register for the upcoming masterclass.

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