Discover the ultimate you. Step 2.

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Step 2. Get rid of the negative self-talk.

Here is why.

Your mind reacts to the images you create in your head and to the words you are saying to yourself.

Imagine that you are taking a fresh lemon, cutting it slowly in half, bringing one half to your nose, smelling it for a few seconds, and then having a bite – your mouth is watering, isn’t it? That’s a simple example of the body reaction to the image that you’ve created in your head.

Now, pull you arm in front of you, say out loud 3 times: I am strong, I am exceptional, I am super powerful. Then ask someone to press down on your wrist for a few seconds and you resist the pressure. You arm will resist strongly. Now, relax your arm. And repeat the same exercise – pull out your arm and this time use negative words: I am weak, I am a loser, I have no strength. Then ask to press down on your arm. Your arm won’t resist the pressure. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you wish with the words of your choice, the physical reaction will be as described depending on what words you tell yourself – empowering or diminishing.

Every word you say gives your brain a message which becomes a direct physical reaction in your body. There is more than enough scientific evidence confirming that negative stimuli that you feed your brain with weakens your body, and positive stimuli gives it strength. In addition, your brain doesn’t know the difference between logical or imaginary, good or bad, right or wrong – it will do exactly what you tell it to do.

Your brain’s function is to protect you from pain and move you towards pleasure. You can think of this example: you have an important presentation to make (or event to attend) and you are constantly telling yourself how dreadful it is, how scared you are to present, how you hate it. Don’t be surprised if you end up with stomach cramps, or fever, or a headache, or something else just before this important event. Your creative mind will find a way to prevent you from what you’ve been describing in your head as such a pain. Remember, your brain simply interprets your input (words and images) as pain or pleasure and then proceeds accordingly.

Let’s imagine, you were living with a friend who was constantly telling you: “what an idiot, you forgot to buy milk today; what a loser – you overcooked pasta; stupid, you didn’t fold your clothes properly”. How long will you stand this friend around? You will kick him out as soon as you can, won’t you? Knowing this, please stop being your own critic – it equals self-destruction.

It’s time to become your own best friend, by choosing the words you tell yourself and by replacing any negative self-talk in your head with positive (or at least neutral). You know you can. Use the power of the words and the images that you create in your head wisely, as they have a direct effect on your body.


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