“Future Ready” – What It Will Take to Continue to Be Successful in Organizations

Incredible depth and insights from Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge in her recent publication on what it will take to be successful and on top of the game in the organizations in this fast changing world. For all who aspire … Read More

Celebrating 20 years of WIN

Looking forward to seeing you in Oslo, Norway on September 27-30, 2017 at Women International Networking conference where I have a great pleasure to speak, coach and participate! WIN Oslo … Read More

These 3 limiting beliefs are holding you back – time to say goodbye to them.

Discover the ultimate you. Step 4 to finding your confidence, being extraordinary and living life on your terms. All barriers that people may experience in life always come to these three disempowering beliefs … Read More

Discover the ultimate you. Step 3 to finding your confidence, being extraordinary and living life on your terms.

            Step 3. Don’t let in criticism. Criticism by definition is the act of expressing disapproval and of noting the problems or faults of a person or thing. People criticize sitting in their … Read More

Discover the ultimate you. Step 2.

Step 2. Get rid of the negative self-talk. Here is why. Your mind reacts to the images you create in your head and to the words you are saying to yourself. Imagine that you are taking a fresh lemon, cutting it … Read More

Discover the ultimate you. Step by step guide on how to find your confidence, be extraordinary and live life on your terms.

Over the coming days I will be publishing articles on specific steps that can help you find your confidence and start living life on your own terms, if you choose so. This step-by-step guide is an extract from my … Read More

“The Triple Filter Test” – useful for giving and receiving feedback (and for mastering emotions)

It’s the time of the year where many organizations are in the process of providing performance and development feedback based on the annual results. Considering how emotionally heated this process can become … Read More

A matter of choice

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. “I don’t much care where- ” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t … Read More

How the well-known science (if taken seriously) can help address motivation and engagement

You may want to refresh your understanding about the drivers of human motivation if you are serious about employee engagement. Read the article on The Huffington … Read More

Want More Success? Start Managing Your Thoughts and Emotions.

Everything starts in your head – we all heard this expression many times through our lives. Indeed, it starts with the thoughts in our minds and the meaning we give to the thoughts. That’s why when we present … Read More

Ten Common Mistakes that Newly Promoted Leaders Make

You have just been promoted into a new role. All the doors are open for you to succeed and to leave your mark on the organization. However, often leaders stumble on their new journey because of these common … Read More

“The Art and Science of Co-Creative Leadership” Masterclass

Great HR are the wisdom of any organization. Great HR make the organizational dreams come true – those of the employees, managers, executive, customers. Great HR see and continuously embrace opportunities for … Read More

Start using the power of co-creation in HR

Great HR are masters of co-creation. They know that engaging both the minds and the hearts of the employees is what makes the difference in the organizations that are extraordinarily attractive to top talent, are … Read More

Co-Creation – the way for HR to move forward

The world has long been talking about the topic of employee engagement, or rather how come that more and more workforce around the globe is disengaged. Looking at the past decade, it seems that the more effort HR … Read More

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